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Latidos del Agua is a tribute. It’s an acknowledgement of our debt of gratitude to Ángel and Ángela Barrios because, perhaps without even knowing it, we have inherited a beautiful legacy that’s yet to be fully revealed.

Latidos del Agua is also a way of tapping back into the echoes of the Polinario, a mythical place in the Alhambra where the Arab kings’ waters flowed, and where the pulsating of the evergreen fountains rings out like the intoning of a prayer. A hidden island within the taberna at the heart of the Nasrid miracle, a gathering place for infirm artistic castaways from all corners of the world: painters, poets, musicians, dancers, flamenco artists past and present… and water, like the fingerboard of their guitars. The Polinario was also the cradle of Ángel Barrios. It was here that he would forge, in his pentagrammed crucible, worlds populated by Arabs, gypsies, Goyesque characters, euphoria and grief… subtle and fresh, like water.

Water, always water.

The great Karsavina once said: “I want to hold the source of this fountain in my hands, to imbue my dance with its pulsations.”

Let it be so.

Ismael Ramos

Cast and crew:

Dance, choreography and stage direction – Patricia Guerrero

Guitar – Luis Mariano Renedo

Vocals – David “El Galli”

Percussion – Miguel Cheyenne

The Albéniz Trio

Bandurria – Luis Recuerda

Lute – Ismael Ramos

Guitar  – José Armilla

Guest artist – ARCÁNGEL

Lighting and audiovisuals –  Juan Carlos Tama

Sound- Antonio Banderas

Choreography- Carmen Guerrero

Wardrobe- Pili Cordero

Design- Caró Desing

Photography- Javier Caró

Supporting texts- Ismael Ramos