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In this show my dance has transformed in a very natural way. Catedral is the professional and personal liberation that I have needed to be able to break the rules of flamenco and create my own language.

Patricia Guerrero


30th September 2016 – Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, Lope de Vega Theatre


Best Show – Bienal de Sevilla 2016

Best Female Dancer (nominated) and Best Costume Design (nominated) – Max Awards 2017

The story takes place in a phantasmagorical world, in a place that feels somehow dismantled… God and the halo of light… In this world, where blank space triumphs over walls, inside churches, light will build the sacred space where the woman, a lost character, comes face-to-face with the overwhelming, sickening aspects of her beliefs.

The sound of the bells breaks the darkness of silence. A dim, diffuse light that’s transfigured, transforming the space into the something unreal, something symbolic. Colour bursts in, then the voice too, weaving itself through the rhythm, reminding us of the soul’s flight over endless space, ever searching.

And out of the mist, a figure emerges: light and shadow. The figure leans its weight upon the voice, the song, and now it reverberates, moves, comes back, grows and merges with dreams through that ritual.

Religious voices of castrated men or invisible infants, feverish routes through the territories of mysticism and heterodoxy. Twin figures, of women who metamorphose, teasing a character out of the darkness, a character that comes into focus through the tension between the world of illusion and dreams, facing an ancestral morality that paralyses her.

The character, now battling her shadows, tears its own words apart.

It’s a beat and a dance without context, voice and percussion, joyful music. And above it all, nourishing the whole spectacle, floats the story, a reflection on the mystical, an external, superior character whose essence is sometimes divine, sometimes diabolical, living its story as a lament, in threat, in fear.

It is transition, transformation, loss, madness. It is the attempt to defeat destiny.

Catedral is an initiation ritual where the devoted observer comes to a stop, falls into silence, and prepares their heart for the sacred liturgy of dance, for the dialogue with the world of creation. It is the connection of our outer space, the profane, with our inner sanctity.

It is the dance that, as an architect in itself, organizes a structure that allows it, through technical expertise, to be transfigured, to melt away the very building the spectator sits in, and achieve acute sensations of elevation and lightness of being.

Juan Dolores Caballero

Artistic and Technical Crew:

Stage Direction – Juan Dolores Caballero

Choreography – Patricia Guerrero

Musical Composition – Juan Requena – Agustín Diassera

Lighting Design – Manuel Madueño

Graphic Design – Álvaro Escriche (poster) – Juan José Morales “Tate”

Costume Creation – Laura Capote

Photography – Monty – Archivo Bienal. Fotógrafo Óscar Romero (Premiere)

Technical Direction / Lighting – Ada Bonadei

Sound – Rafael Pipió / Ángel Olalla

Distribution / Booking – Pablo Leira Doce

Production Assistant – José Manuel Navarro

Production Director – Guiomar Fernández Troncoso


Principal dancer – Patricia Guerrero

Dancers: Maise Márquez – Ana Agraz – Laura Santamaría

Tenor – Diego Pérez

Counter-tenor – Daniel Pérez

Vocals – José Ángel Carmona

Guitar – Juan Requena

Percussion – Agustín Diassera – David “Chupete”

“Catedral” is produced by Compañía Patricia Guerrero and Endirecto FT S.L.

Co-producers: Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla,  Festival de Jerez and Conseil Départemental des Landes (France). In collaboration with Festival de Cante Jondo Antonio Mairena.

Distributed by Endirecto FT S.L.

With the collaboration of INAEM – Ministerio de Cultura – Gobierno de España: